Sarabi Maraj

Location:   Texas

Age:   28

Height:   5'5

Hair color:   Currently Blonde

Eye color:   Dark brown

Ethnicity:   African American

Availibility:   Outcall

Upcoming Schedule:

July 14   -   July 31

August 1   -   August 13

August 19   -   August 31

I’m Sarabi Maraj, a switch, fetish lover, cock bandit, and erotica addict.  I enjoy erotic storytelling and doing things out of the norm.  It’s hard for me to resist a man who knows what he wants and even harder for me to resist the alpha male.  I’m a switch so I love being dominated and dominating.  I have been studying the bdsm lifestyle for over 6 years and have been actively living the lifestyle for 3 years.

People often call me a free spirit because of my “live your life” mentality.  I am very non judgmental and at the end of the day, just want to have fun.  I emphasize this in the services I provide as well.  I like to put a unique twist on the services I provide in order to make sure I reach a large number of clients.

Click Link—–> Real Time Session Info

If you want phone sex, you can call me toll free at 844-330-0716.  You will be asked immediately for your payment information.


What type of services do you provide?

I originally am a phone sex operator that got into camming almost a year ago. In addition to phone sex and cam, I also provide texting sessions, custom clips, custom photos, and I now dab into the porn industry a bit.

How can someone contact you if they are looking to book a session?

I can be reached through email at This is the best way to contact me. My personal website is and there you can find all of the information you need in regards to pricing and such. I also have a member's site people can join.

How can content producers and others who want to work with you contact you?

Email and you will receive a prompt response.

How big are your breasts?

I currently wear a 44 J.

What type of fetishes are you into?

I enjoy the bdsm lifestyle and am somewhat of a switch. I love dominating weak men, but I love being dominated by an alpha male.

Where are you from?

I'm from the Midwest, but currently reside in Texas.

Do you do in person bdsm sessions?

Yes I do ONLY for submissive men. I can be reached at for this option.

Do you travel to other areas outside of your area for sessions?

Yes I do. Anything that is outside a 50 mile radius from my location, will require 2-3 week advance booking.

How do I get prepared for a real time session?

Once you email me at requesting a real time session, I will email you a form that will include everything I need to process your request. After I process your request, and confirm your appointment, you will receive session prep information.

How much do real time sessions cost?

Click on the link above that's titled "Real Time Session Info"